Monday, July 28, 2008

The Awesome Sea Shell Quest

Baby Girl's fun during our trip was to load up on as many beach treasures as she could possibly find. A quest for the perfect shell, and no easy task.

One evening while strolling down beside the Corpus Christi Marina, she finally found "It." We spotted a shell perched on a rock in the water beside this area here on the right hand side......

(That's my hubby and son discussing the boats in the marina. Hubby got a kick out of some of the boat names.)

"I can get it, Momma."

"Girl, you will fall in."

"No way, just hold on to me." ( ha...tricky, put the responsibility back on me!)

She steps out onto a slippery, wet rock while I'm holding her arm and she's reaching down..... A precarious balancing act at best.

"Ah ha! Got it!"

Flashes that million megawatt smile :) I feel like the world's greatest mom cause I helped her get it. And before you say anything, yeah... i know it could have gone way differently.

Fast Forward to the next morning.....
I'm standing at the sink washing my hands, and I glance down.

"(Insert Curse Word here.) What the hell is that?"

The dang seashell had sprouted eyes and antennae! Not only that, but "It" was in the sink and "It" was ALIVE.
I'm not sure who took the bigger scare, me or the hermit crab...

I bounce into the bedroom. My hubby is looking at me with that all-knowing, ever-irritating grin.

"Damn thing tried to crawl off the vanity this morning while I was taking a shower. Thought I'd save it for ya."

Needless to say, Baby Girl had to put her treasure back in the bay.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Break

Yes, I'm back! Took a little summer hiatus. Have to give the family attention every now and then...

We spent a week in Corpus Christi, a much needed get away, and of course I'm going to write about it. That will happen later this week. Sorry, but my energy is being boiled away by the triple digit temperatures in Texas.

I've been getting medical appointments out of the way and tying up loose ends before school starts. Such a busy month of July. And did I mention it's HOT????

It's so freakin' hot that Campbell soup has changed the directions on soup cans to read "Just Pour and Eat!"