Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What the Heck Have I Done???

Well obviously I have done something! No telling what...

Most of the time I can't access Google or my Blog. The websites just will not pull up. I've checked my firewall. No blocking there. I've loosened up my filters. Don't think the problem is there. I am really confused on this one. Usually I can figure it out or reverse a goof-up, but I can't find the darned thing. Oh...did the system restore, too.

It just drives me insane when I can't fix a problem with my computer. Guess it might be time to call in the techie geek.

Well, I'm going to back up all my pictures now, just in case I get the big blue screen or something.

Ugh! I hate this......

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rain! Hot Diggity Dog

This is our 2nd day of rain this week! A crazy thing to get excited about, but I can't help it. When you've got cracks in your backyard so big you could lose one of the dogs in it, rain will put a big ole grin on the face! Everyone is in a much better mood.