Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Internet Causes Brain Clutter

I love to read, and I love it so much that by the end of the evening I have brain clutter. Does anyone else experience this overload of data from the internet? I have always been a pack rat of information, but this is getting ridiculous. It's all right here at the touch of my fingers, and I can't stand it! I want to know and need to know, well EVERYTHING!!!!

No one would ever believe I'm blonde, unless they asked me where my keys are. I can never answer that question. Just ask my husband. I have so much information stored that the mundane is left out. I simply have no room for it. I'm lucky I can remember to tie my shoe, but ask me about microbiology or the latest galaxy discovered and I've got it covered. Top that off with a dose of current events and BRAIN SPAM!!!

When I was a child, I solved this need for knowledge with a stack of books. I could curl up and read for hours. I think that was a lot more soothing than a hot laptop and carpal tunnel syndrome.

I am done for the day. Today I am going to have a Declutter Tia's Brain Day. A break from the computer and the eye strain that goes along with it.

Maybe I'll find my keys.....


Lilly's Life said...

Oh YES, YES, YES I identify with this post. Yes, I think learning is important but I think being away from the computer is crucial. I am starting to get aches and pains in arms and shoulders that I shouldnt. And a fat backside to boot. Yes, I think I need to make a few changes and you are right picking up a book is way more comforting. But I will never be able to give the internet up completely. Gosh what did we do before the internet - do you suppose you could find your keys then? Have a great time away from the screen now..

Meka said...

I also have a problem with internet addiction. I cant help learning all the new things I come across on the web. I guess Ill try to relax today and keep my mind off the computer. That will be hard though.