Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Backroads With Hubby

No couch potato day for us :) Living in the country definitely has its advantages. Getting back to nature just means getting on down the road, and that's what my hubby and I did.

What a day we had!

Here he is checking out the local bird life.

The hubby has developed a real fondness for bird watching since we have moved. Now, if you knew him...you would never believe this is something he would get into. The man has binoculars by every door. He has his bird books and the birds that he has spotted are color coded with postie notes. The ones in our area, but not spotted yet have a different color postie note. Hubby told the guys at work that he does this, but they didn't believe him. Doesn't fit his Type-A personality. He had to take his bird books to prove it. These pics should help :)

Hubby spotted this stunning little guy. I couldn't get a real good shot. My telephoto lens has issues at the moment. ha ha! This is an Indigo Bunting, and I had never seen one before in my life. That's something, huh? The picture doesn't do the bird justice.

My daughter wants to go get a pizza, so I'll finish this post later. Pizza or posting? Hhhmmm.... See ya'll!

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Petula Wright said...

Very cool! I like watching the birds in my backyard! It's great to be outdoors sometimes... I have an adversion to bugs though! LOL