Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Talk about a day from heaven....
Well, minus the laundry of course :)

I actually woke up shivering, and after a summer in Texas, that's a good thing! A splendirrific beginning. Blue skies and sunshine. Getting even better! No kids at home!! Wow, a home run! I'm gonna have some fun.... yep yep!

Bear, Rudy, and I went for a pasture walk. I visited with my horses, and stopped by the pond for a chat with our big ole heron. He's a real beauty. We meandered on...

Strolled out under the oaks, and Bear found a huge pile of cow manure to roll in. Okay, well add that in with the laundry pile. Heaven for him, but not for me. Since we moved out here, I have discovered that dogs like manure. Not sure what the attraction is, but I have learned to deal with it. Disgusting! He got a bath later and ruined his perfect day.

Off for a 4-wheeler ride.... woo hoo! Down to the bottoms where I grabbed up some horse apples for my pasture buddies, and some air in the hair for myself. To top that off, I played bowling with the horse apples as I rolled them under the gate.

Note to readers: I never claimed to be mature.


Lilly's Life said...

Sounds like you had a happy, happy day. The thought of country life is appealing - manure and all!!! Tell us how many animals you have in a post one day. Take care and enjoy the cooler weather.

Meg said...

Yeah, my dog rolls in manure, too. They're such animals!

Sounds like everything is ideal, though.

Michelle said...

Sounds like you live in a very peaceful place. I'm jealous. Glad you had such a great day. Well besides the puppy rolling in the manure. LOL!!

TroubleX2 said...

I wonder if manure is good for their skin??? Kind of like mud wraps for us?

Maybe I should "google" it.