Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Perfectly Bad Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend was so wonderful and so very, very BAD!!!

It started off with Friday Nite Lights, which in a small town in Texas is everything. My teenage wonder boy got the first touchdown of the season and his first of his highschool football career. I get to see my daughter cheering her first highschool game, and my boy happens to be playing in it.

All that's great right? Oh so perfect...


Somebody had to go and SCREW it up.

Do any of ya'll have teenage boys? With more hormones than brains???

Oh yes...Cado Man pulled the mother of all screw-ups. He stayed out all night without permission. Cado and his friend did the ole "You tell your parents you're staying with me and I'll tell mine I'm staying with you" routine.

My hubby and I feel like the biggest suckers in the world. We fell for it, but alas....they got busted. They were so sure of themselves....Ha ha :)....that the two little hormonal goobers decided not to show up for football practice the next morning. Thanks to Coach for placing that phone call.

Our Labor Day was spent in Punishment Phase I.

Oh Joy!


Lilly's Life said...

Oh you make me smile. I have been there with my daughter and one day I promise you will laugh about it all. I bet he was feeling oh so confident given his football prowess.....all part of the process. And you wont believe him the second time he tries it either. Take Care and smile (when your son isnt looking of course). I always found a gin and tonic got me through the worst - and there were some bad days too but I will keep those to myself and not frighten you with them. It all turned out alright and thats the only thng you remember once you are through those teenage years funny enough.

TroubleX2 said...

I will admit that I had a glass of wine before the day was over. It made me feel a little better, especially since I was sitting on the porch watching Cado Man weed-eating the fence line. Tee hee :)

Sharon said...

Stress alert! We always think we won't fall for their tricks and we do.This time he got caught out.... oops. mine is a pre teen that is turning 11. i guess the trouble will start soon.