Monday, October 20, 2008

Nocturnal Visit

Last night I was sitting on the couch surfing the net, and I heard this eerie howl. The hair on my neck stood straight up. Coyotes!

There has been a pack of them roaming nearby the past month or so. Every once in awhile we'll get a glimpse of a couple crossing the back pasture. One day we saw about five going into the woods on the place next to ours.

This time they were close. I could tell from the howls and barks. They don't sound anything like any of my dogs. Lonely and sad....

I was worried about my outside dog, so I grabbed the spotlight to check on him and of course, to see where they were. I finally got a glimpse of them moving in the darkness. Their eyes were glowing a greenish yellow. I can't really describe how it made me feel. They weren't scared and just stared back at me.

I think they were about a hundred yards from me, down by the pond. My first instinct was to get a gun, but I quickly decided against that course of action. I knew they wouldn't hurt the horses, and Ruger (a Pit Bull Labrador mix, we think) weighs more than they do. I decided to let them be. light was losing it's charge and starting to dim. I didn't want to star in my own version of a horror movie. It's creepy being outside alone with a bunch of coyotes so close.

I've been in the coyote range all my life, but I don't remember them ever getting up that close except in hard winters. I guess they're a little braver in this area. I really don't know why they are roaming across this place, but I guess I better get used to it.


blessedmom said...

oh my coyotes! i haven't seen one in our place and i hope it stays that way will surely be a scary sight for me :) you're brave tia..i really admire you! :)

Adorebynat said...

I would be scared. Good for you! I admired your bravery. Haven't seen a coyote since I moved to Indonesia.
Adore By Nat

Lilly's Life said...

Tia, sorry I am so late getting to this post. Do coyotes kill livestock - like sheep or cattle? We dont have them here but we have foxes so are they similar I wonder. I will have to google. That would have freaked me out I have to say. The bit about the greenish yellow eyes freaked me out but then I remember I ahve greenish yellow eyes too....he he. I don tlike the ide that they are comfortable getting close to the house dangerous could they be?

TroubleX2 said...

I think they're a little larger than foxes, but smaller than wolves. Maybe like the Austrlian dingoes? They do hunt livestock here; cattle, sheep, goats,and chickens. They don't bother my horses, but I worry about my cats and dogs when they get close. I just don't want them to get used to getting close to my house. Attacks on humans are rare, but they still give me the shivers! Knowing my luck, I'd be one of those rare cases! LOL :)

Petula said...

Wow... that does sound like something you'd see on tv. I think it would make me feel a little eerie too. I haven't seen those nearby when I lived in the country... just wild dogs and red foxes. Be safe.