Monday, May 26, 2008

Texas Indian Paintbrush

Today rated on the excitement meter about as high as watching paint peel off the walls. I hate to use the same cliche term the kids use, but I was bored. Bored, bored, BORED!!! There I said it. I think my teens think it's "cool" to be bored. On their space their status is almost always "bored" when it's not "crunk." Did I spell crunk the right way? I never know anymore. I'm not even sure I know what crunk is. I'll have to google that one. My kids' definition makes no sense. Teen speak....ugh! I do know that being bored is not "cool." It's just boring. Sorry, couldn't resist.

I tried to paint. My dog knocked over my water. I tried to work in the garden. The hubby came outside to sit on the porch and watch. (He must have been really bored.) That annoyed me.

So now....I'm going to work on my blog. If the computer crashes, I'm done.

On a more creative note, if only to raise your excitement meter, or lower it, depending on your interests....

I want to share my picture. YAY!

This is an Indian Paintbrush, and is one of my favorite Texan wildflowers. When these appear in the spring, they put on quite a show. They are usually grown along roadsides here mixed with bluebonnets. I don't have any blues growing in my pastures, but I do have these red beauties. The Texas Paintbrush only grows about 6" to 8" tall, but they do make quite a statement for their size. An added plus, our hummingbirds love them!


Alexandria said...

Sorry you were bored hun. That sucks. Boredom sucks lol.

The definition ofCrunk. (hope that link works).

You pictures are always so beautiful. I'm utterly envious.

Lilly's Life said...

Now that is a gorgeous picture - spring is in the air and we are just going into winter in Oz. By the way, speaking of teenagers I just found a good site written by a parent to parents about understanding the latest in technology etc so you can better understand teenagers. It is the top lik on my list of blogs on the left hand side of my blog home page. It's really good. Anyway that will keep you from being bored. When you are bored next take some pictures because they are really great!!!

lareine said...

i also have one of those days *grins*... in any case, i love that indian paintbrush... and it's a lovely photo :)