Saturday, February 23, 2008

Challenge of the "UnCool Mom" Party???

We're having fun now! More challenges for the "totally uncool mom." LOL!

My son got invited to the "older kids" party. He's a Freshman, but he is 15. Turning 16 in August. He's just a little bit older than most of the Freshman class. A lot of the older girls seem to think he's...well, "Hot," to use their word. To me, he's still my little boy. Goodness help me if he sees that!

Anyway, to continue on....
The party starts at 10pm and ends at 3am. Gahhhh! Well, we are letting him stay out 1 hour later than his curfew, so he better be home at midnight. That's my limit. I don't like it much, but we know where he is. He's only about 2 miles from our house, and I know all the kids. Still, you would think I was just the uncoolest mom in the whole world :( What's up with a party starting at 10 anyway? This small town stuff is sometimes confusing. Don't worry...I will be checking up on them. It doesn't hurt that the police chief lives next door. ha ha!

I always have to think twice about everything that I let my boy do. I've got my daughter coming up right behind him. She loves to use her brother for the excuse...."well, you let Cado Man...." Well you got me there, sweetie. I've decided I'm not giving her any more ammunition.

Ya'll wish me luck on the curfew. I really don't want to embarrass him by showing up banging on the door in my panda pajamas and fluffy house shoes, but I WILL!!!

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