Monday, February 25, 2008

Dear Uncle Sam

Since it's tax season, I thought I'd share a little family funny.

My husband and I were discussing his check stub.
I said, " Look at how much of our money Uncle Sam has!"
" I know it. Uncle Sam gets plenty." said my hubby sadly.

My naive little girl said, "I've got an uncle named Sam! I didn't know that!"

Oh yes, my Bailey, you have an Uncle Sam, and some day you will get to know your dear Uncle Sam very well:)


TerriJ said...

ha! that's cute! Bailey has an uncle Sam! Tell her not to get too excited!

TerriJ said...

ok, i still don't quite understand all this blogging stuff, but i think i finally got yours linked to mine! it took me long enough! I am pathetic! Oh and ALL of those phrases need to be banned from the face of the Earth!