Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Cocker Spaniel, Bear Boi

This is my Cocker Spaniel, Bear, when he was a puppy. I'm just posting this pic on here because he was such a cute little guy! Bear is 2 years old now, and luckily, he is still with me. My son accidentally hit him with a four-wheeler in March of 2006, and Bear suffered spinal cord damage. He couldn't walk for a long time, and still may never regain the feeling in one of his legs. He now walks like a doggie that may have had one too many shots of tequila. LOL :) Compared to his condition at this time last year, he is so much better. He is proof that God listens to our prayers. It took a lot of hard work. Our whole family hanging in there, and Bear's determination to get well is what made it happen. I can't tell you the feeling when he first walked without help. Only a few steps, but WOW!

This is my BearBoi almost a year later! I would say that he has had about an 80% recovery at this point. He has trouble getting down the stairs and can't jump onto the furniture. My hubby puts him on the ottoman in front of me when Bear can't get up :)
He is my walking miracle. He's one tough pup for sure! I think Bear has the most extraordinary colors. He's called a parti-sable Cocker. Just beautiful...
I'm lucky to have such a sweet boy in my life. He has taught me that I'm stronger than I thought I could be. Most of all, he taught me to never give up.

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