Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"ha ha" Mom's got ur back or got u back

Funny Memories posted by the kids on the Space

"Mee breaking my nose....
duhhhhhhhhhhh (: how gay." -Brooke

"Hey, Brooke! How in the hell did you run into that pole anyway?"-Cado Man

"ehh,it was at recess and i closed my eyes to duck under it. and i came back up too soon. and i smacked rite into it puahhh gay (:

i came back to school with 2 black eyes. queer i no. " -Brooke

"haha frickin ice skating and then my mom promised us she would take us again in like 2 weeks but never did and still hasnt to this day! lol"-Jordan

"OR that time we were fighting over taylor! dang that was dumb! hahabut those really were the days! that was a dumb thing to be fighting over tho hahah" -Jordan

"OR that time we were in your truck with your mom lighting firecrackers from inside the truck and throwin them at that chicks house (i forget her name)" -Jordan (OH CRAP!Does this make me look like a bad mom or what???? I really did make them quit that. I swear!)

"OR the firecracker war we had with Brian and DD and all of them dang we have had some fun" -Jordan (Okay....I DID NOT know about this!!!!!)

"selina!!! lol jp fool i got it way worse member when spencer broke up with me for that stupid ass reason! HAHAHA those were the days!"-Cado Man referring to one of Jordan's previous girlfriends and then one of his own :)

Oh my....the things your kids post on the web! Pay back is a bitch....hee hee!

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