Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Damned Dog ate my Chocolates

Don't let those pretty eyes fool you. He's not as sweet and innocent as he appears. This is the moron that got into my Valentine's chocolates this morning. I don't know at what point he started thinking about opening the box, but I do know it was a well planned chocolate robbery. Rudy spied the box when we got up this morning. He waited patiently as Mom got busy making coffee. Timing his approach to coincide with water running to cover the noise, he flipped the lid up with his nose. But wait, Mom turned off the water too soon. What the heck??? I hear this rustling of paper and look over in the living room. There's Rudy with his head buried in a red heart box. My red heart box and MY chocolates. I scream and he grabs another one as he hauls ass to his bed in our room. Grrrrrrr! He used to pretend to care if he got in trouble, but he's 12 now and I guess he's decided what the heck. Just go for it! I got your number boy! I believe I'll be having myself some of your milk bones. Better yet....I'll feed them to the puppy. Cuz I know you can't stand him. ha ha ha! Sweet Snack Revenge!


Dick Saunders Jr. said...

This is one smart dog! My dog stands and watches while i fix dinner. She knows i will drop something. Nice blog. GL with

TerriJ said...

That is great! That's too funny! When I was a kid, our mutt, Mr. T, got into MY Halloween candy and helped himself to about the whole bag! And he also ate a pan of brownies! so much for chocolate hurting dogs (he lived a long life after that)