Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ellie and the Aloe Plant

My aloe plant isn't looking so hot. Would you like to know why it isn't looking so good?
This is "the why" my plant looks like crap. Meet Ellie. Ellie has decided that sitting in my plant is the cool place to hang out.

I don't know why she loves to sit in my plant, and frankly I don't care. What I do know is that I have had that plant for years. It's healed many sunburns and accidental owies for my whole family. I love this plant. It's made it through 3 moves and 2 other cats. Ellie....well, she has made it on Tia's Crap List.

I repotted the momma aloe plant and her aloe babies, so I can try and keep my beloved plant for a few more years. Hope the Miracle-Gro works its magic soon. Summer sunburns will be here soon.

What do you think?? Do they look happier?

This is a pine cone that I have put in the pot. This is for Ellie's butt should she decide to be so inclined as to try to make a bed in my plant again. Do you think she'll like it?
I'll give an update on the Ellie vs. Aloe saga soon! know you want to :)


EclecticGypsy said...

Cats are so funny. You never know what they are going to claim as their own. I hope your aloe survives and lives long and prosper and is able to cure more pains and burns.

Petula Wright said...

That is cute and funny. I think the pine cone may work, but do you think she'll figure out how to move it out of the way? I can't wait for any update!

Terri said...

That is great that your cat claimed your aloe plant. They are nutty about laying on (or in) things. Mine are usually curled up in my bed, or the kids bed. (like they own them!) Aloe plants are pretty cool, too. My aunt lives in Fla nd she grows them.I hope your aloe plant lives to see another day!

TroubleX2 said...

I put more than one pinecone in the pots...hee hee! There's some little bitty ones and a couple of big ones. I can't believe she set on the darned thing anyway. It has tiny spiny things, and doesn't look like the normal cat place to me. Once I think I've figured out cats, they go and fool me again!

Mel : ) said...

lol, hope the pine cone trick works - ouch!!!