Friday, March 28, 2008

Fight Club for Kids?? WTH??

Warning! I'm having a rant on my "be nice" day. Dang it! Sorry, but I couldn't let this one slide!

Sitting here watching the news and I catch this...

Fight Clubs or Ultimate fighting for kids as young as 6 years old!!!! What in the hell are people thinking? Have they lost the ever-loving minds??

Just when I think our society has all ready reached its low point and couldn't possibly get any worse. Ugh and Grrrrrrr! What is this teaching our children? The parent interviewed said it teaches them positive reinforcement and discipline. Huh? Oh and they're learning to defend themselves! I'm beginning to think some people should have to get a license to parent.

I'm going to go cool off now. It's "Be Nice" day! Tia's not feeling very nice at the moment.
Serenity Now..... ha ha!

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