Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ruger what a Blast of a Dog

This is our puppy, Ruger, and he lives up to his name as you can tell. Can you see that smile on his mug? That is one happy mutt! He is 100 mph 24/7. I wish some of his energy would rub off on me. My daughter and I went on a walk last week to enjoy the woods and sunshine. The dogs tagged along, and Ruger was the life of the party. My other dogs don't much care for this wallop of a dog. They get tackled. He gets yelled at. Everyone strolls along sniffing and exploring. Then when they're checking out some interesting scent, he clobbers one of them again. He's a mess, but it's fun to watch the joyful abandon of an animal that is new to the world. His life could have been much different. He was abandoned and me being me, we have a new pet. He's only about three months old, and I know he's gonna be a big 'un. One of these days, maybe I won't drag home strays anymore. HA! My hubby just wishes!


Davidlind said...

Dogs in flight! An interesting and underutilized category :)

Petula Wright said...

:) He is a big one, but he looks like so much fun!