Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break Part II

We made it to The Dallas World Aquarium!!!!
This is not just an aquarium, it's an adventure into another world......
If you're expecting the typical aquarium, it is not for you. It's more like walking through a jungle or rainforest. Lots of ecosystems.

These penguins live in temperatures similar to the Dallas area. Cute, huh? We got to watch them being fed. Nothing I would eat, but they loved it :)

This guy?? He's from my favorite level...the Aquatic Level. So many colorful fish....overwhelmed.. Displays from different parts of the world. Japan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, British Columbia, Fiji, Bahamas, Australia.....just to name a few. A stunning display of moon jellyfish from Palau that was beyond amazing. The underwater viewing area was a big "WOW!" We walked through a tunnel surrounded above and on the sides with sharks. Pretty cool.

I'll post more of my pics later. I need to get some work done around this nasty house!


happymommy said...

Oh wow! The penguin is cute but i love that fish! Colors are so vibrant! It's so pretty! I wanna go there someday! I'm gonna ask my hubby to bring me and the kids to the Dallas Aquarium when they're a bit older. Amazing! :)

earthlingorgeous said...

wow pretty fish lovely color :x I wanted to visit the Manila Ocean park here but wow the line is crazy i will try some other time been dying to see lovely sea creatures like these :) nice blog :)

Terri said...

Beautiful pics! It looks like a great place to hang out. Penguins are my favorites. And btw,just so you know, i've been mixing my carnation instant breakfast mix with real hot chocolate mix, and heating it up in the microwave, so it's not so bad!