Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snow makes my Alien happy

As I've mentioned, my daughter has turned into an alien. She's moody, sulky, and stays holed up in her alien cave.

It started snowing yesterday evening, and by the time night arrived, we had a gorgeous snowfall. Now this is Texas, so this brings great excitement. My daughter is no exception. I saw my little girl again last night, and I have to say I have missed her. She came running into my bedroom holding out a snowball for my inspection. Grinning from ear to ear.

"Look what I got! Cool, huh?"

If snow is all it takes to make my little alien happy again, I'm going to freeze some of that crap. Whenever she gets in her moods, I'll just pop a snowball out of the old feezer and let her have it! Problem solved.


Sonya said...

I am so no loking forward to teenage girl days.

We never see snow here. It's been in the 70's all week. Mosquito season is going to be WONDERFUL:(

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Sweet Pea 48 said...

I have teenage boys so I can relate with the moodiness and all. Thankfully my oldest, 19, is coming out of that and he is just a happy go
lucky guy.

sandi said...

we have snow here all the time. I am from SD. But what ever it takes to get them to come out!