Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Walk With Mom

I spent time with my mom today, so I'm going to share. We went for an afternoon stroll down the road with two of my dogs, Bear and Ruger. My mom just loves to visit and have her daughter drag her down the dirt roads. I'll make up for it and take her shopping tomorrow.

Bear and Ruger enjoying themselves. Walking this far is a big deal for Bear, because at this time last year, he wasn't walking at all. He suffered spinal cord damage due to a run-in with the four-wheeler. He was exhausted afterwards, but he enjoyed every minute of it. They were into mud, water, leaves, crawling under fences, sniffing and exploring non-stop. A couple of little cyclones.

Here they are again after we crossed the creek, and this is where the road turns to dirt. After a rain, it's muddy. Kind of a mix today. Just my luck. Did I mention they managed to find roadkill? Oh yeah! An armadillo carcass and a dead SKUNK!!! Yep, I said skunk. We had a hard time getting Ruger away from that smelly treasure. What a doofus!

Looks like something went exploring before we did. A good thing Ruger didn't meet up with the coon that made these tracks! I'd still be chasing him....

We all got tired and made our way back home. Bear paid for all his fun with the dreaded bath, but it was a necessary evil. He was FILTHY!!! Mom and I, well....we paid for all our fun by going to eat Mexican food!

Bear is sleeping now. I think he's wore out. I think I might be, too!
Good night!


Petula Wright said...

Sounds like mad fun!

TroubleX2 said...

You know what? It really was fun stuff.